GrowthImports is an ISO13485 certified medical device importer

GrowthImports is an ISO13485 certified medical device importer that assists medical device manufacturers in expanding their reach in the European and UK market. We provide financial and importing services tailored to the needs of our customers to maintain an efficient operation and ultimately contribute to their growth.

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One stop shop for your growth needs

One Growth Partner for the EU and UK

GrowthImports was founded due to the changes in the Medical Device Regulation and the need for medical device manufacturers to have one dedicated solution to ease market access in the EU and UK market efficiently.

With over 30 years of combined experience in medical device regulations and market development services exclusively for medical device companies, our approach differentiates by our expertise, custom and personal approach. Our goal is to guide and support our clients so they can reach their international goals faster with more success.

GrowthImports is the sister company of GrowthMedics, an organisation that focuses on global market development services.

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Our passion is people and medical

Growth is determined by the success of people. Our international growth team is passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to our clients’ growth.


We’re committed to your global growth

Our skin in the game approach and turnkey range of growth services are aligned to meet our clients’ global growth objectives – together we will build the best suitable growth plan.


We overcome complexities.

Overcome cultural and operational barriers such as time zone, logistics, regulations, language, culture or having the right stakeholder network.


We provide fast market access

Increase your speed to market time by leveraging our growth infrastructure and capabilities in the global patient and hospital equipment industry.


We're Efficient.

Save time and minimize risk, costs, and liabilities involved by avoiding setting up a physical presence or hiring your own full-time staff.


We are your turnkey Growth Partner.

Our range of growth services are all designed to address the international growth needs of worldwide medical device companies, from early to late expansion.

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